Google Group

NYSSEA Tax Questions Google Group Information:

In February 2011, it occurred to Judy Strauss, President of NYSSEA, that, as a whole, the Membership of our association is the most powerful tax research tool she knows of!

In order to facilitate the asking of tax questions and the exchange of answers, we’ve established a group on Google Groups. You can email a question to the group. Group members can receive and respond to questions via e-mail, or directly on the web, whichever they prefer.

If you would like to join this group, please send an email to . Henry will confirm your current NAEA member status and add you to the group. You will receive a welcome message, along with the group’s Code of Conduct and you will be all set to ask your first question or post your first comment. It’s easy! It’s convenient! If you can do an e-mail then you can do this!

Once a member, you can e-mail any question or comment to: nyssea-tax-questions@

Everyone who is a member of the group will receive your e-mail automatically.

Please note, that while this group is beginning with a group of enrolled agents who are also members of NYSSEA, the Society is not a sponsor of, nor can it endorse, the group on Google Groups. The opinions expressed within the group are those of the members, and not those of NYSSEA.