Goals & Objectives



  1. Member Support – To provide a broad range of tax and nontax resources easily accessible through a variety of options
  2. Governance – To ensure the sustainability and continuity of the organization in a changing environment
  3. Promotion of Enrolled Agents – To promote recognition of enrolled agents as the tax professional of choice
  4. Advocacy – To be the leading voice with governing agencies addressing sound tax policies


Member Support

  1. Communications – Communicate consistently and regularly with all members
  2. Partnering – Provide partnerships with allied professionals and third-party vendors
  3. Attract, engage, and retain members
  4. Develop member services beyond traditional tax education

Governance (Society Management)

  1. Explore society specific administrative solutions
  2. Develop and define administrative procedures
  3. Identify and develop new leaders
  4. Review and refine organizational structure

Promotion of Enrolled Agents

  1. Provide tools for members to promote themselves and the profession
  2. Encourage and support building community relationships and engagement


  1. Increase NYSSEA’s presence among government agencies
  2. Monitor and influence tax and representation related legislation at the federal, state, and local levels
  3. Empower members to effectively interact with their local government and community leaders

June 15, 2023