Goals & Objectives


Goal 1: To enhance the visibility and recognition of the Enrolled Agent as the Preferred tax professional.

  • To encourage Members to promote their Enrolled Agent status.
  • To insure that all news releases go out in a timely manner to all areas of the state.
  • To create standard letters and pamphlets that can be easily personalized.
  • To promote the career opportunities of Enrolled Agents.
  • To create seminar outlines for presentation to interested groups.

Goal 2: To be an effective voice in advocacy and rights of taxpayers and Enrolled Agents before all levels of Federal, State and Local legislative and regulatory agencies.

  • To monitor all bills entered in the legislature that effect the right of our Members to practice our profession.
  • To appoint Members to the advisory committees of the federal, state and local tax agencies.
  • To comment on proposed regulations drafted by the NYS Chief of Tax Regulations.
  • To establish working relationships with common interest groups.

Goal 3: To provide educational opportunities/resources to assist our Members in their professional growth.

  • To identify and meet the educational needs of the membership.
  • To develop educational programs and networking opportunities that are accessible to all Members.
  • To provide opportunities for Members to realize their abilities as speakers and educators.
  • To support the Publication and Public Information Committees.

Goal 4: To provide effective communication with both Members and the public.

  • To communicate tax related information to Members on a timely basis.
  • To provide tax information for public use.
  • To assess and review the effectiveness of current communication techniques.
  • To utilize and assess all available communication techniques to reach our Members.

Goal 5: To enhance membership, identify and meet the future needs of Members and strengthen the New York State Society of Enrolled Agents/National Association of Enrolled Agents partnership.

  • To identify and monitor changing trends in our profession.
  • To have membership representation at National Association of Enrolled Agents Board functions.
  • To improve communication between Members for professional enhancement.
  • To expand membership services.

Goal 6: To manage the Society in an effective and efficient manner.

  • To commit to an ongoing strategic planning process that aligns the goals and objectives with the society’s fiscal resources.
  • To assist chapters in governance, administration and development.
  • To utilize electronic communications for the governance and administration of the Chapters.
  • To utilize paid professional staff for selected administrative tasks.

Goal 7: To ensure a stable and growing membership.

  • To ensure that all Enrolled Agents are apprised of the benefits of national, state and local membership.
  • To increase membership each year.
  • To have a chapter established in all areas of the state.
  • To encourage active participation of all Members.

October 2019