NYSDTF Glitch – DTF-160: Account Adjustment Notice – April 2019

From the NYSDTF (April 2019):

Due to a systems error, beginning mid-April 2019, notices (DTF-160 Notice Code: 3201) were sent to some taxpayers whose returns have been processed without issue and had their claimed refunds paid in full. If the “previously refunded amount” listed on the notice matches the refund the taxpayer claimed and has already received, then the taxpayer should disregard the notice. If, however, the “previously refunded amount” does not match the refund claimed and received, the taxpayer should follow the instructions for responding to the notice.

Notices have been  sent to taxpayers that have filing issues that must be resolved.    While we want to reassure those erroneous notice recipients who don’t have potential issues us – those with no refund adjustments – that they can disregard the notice, we want to encourage the others to contact us as per the notice.