The New York State Society of Enrolled Agents (NYSSEA) is the only professional association representing Enrolled Agents (EAs) in New York. Members are licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including examination, collection and appeals.

This website is the information and resource center for NYSSEA members and NYSSEA associates. NYSSEA is an affiliate of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA). We encourage all tax practitioners to consider the benefits of joining and applying for membership. For other visitors, we invite you to browse our consumers or media pages.

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Welcome New NYSSEA Members

Full name Start Date
Kevin Brown 1/1/2017
Mary Mitchell 1/1/2017
Ana Pough 1/1/2017
Fred Joseph 1/1/2017
Victor Valz 2/1/2017
Emerossy Pacheco-Rosa 2/1/2017
James Otton 2/1/2017
Laura Mirro 2/1/2017
Chi Yuen 2/1/2017
Patrick ONeill 2/1/2017
Lorna Brooks 3/1/2017
Jeffrey Simon 3/1/2017
Nizamul Shahir 3/1/2017
Michele Zagorski 3/1/2017
Martin Radensky 3/1/2017
Zachary Niven 4/1/2017
George Rusch 4/1/2017
Victoria Magatti 4/1/2017
Eric Schatz 4/1/2017
Patricia Gellin 4/1/2017
Charles Jarman 5/1/2017
Valerie Lundberg 5/1/2017
Anna Langadakis 5/1/2017
Christopher Boyer 5/1/2017
Theresa Nash 5/1/2017
Anna Chille 6/1/2017
Lupe Mendoza 6/1/2017
Michael Bellavia 6/1/2017
Dianna Voelpel 7/1/2017
Shoaibullah Sharief 7/1/2017
Janusz Bogus 8/1/2017